[plt-scheme] Scheme UK Meeting: 2 March 2005

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 18 10:58:37 EST 2005

               Scheme UK Meeting: 2 March 2005

The next meeting of the Scheme UK user's group will be held
on 2 March 2005 from 7pm till we leave for the pub.  The
meeting will take place at the offices of LShift (see
http://www.lshift.net/contact.html for directions).  This
meeting will be held in conjuction with UK Lispers.

John Kozak: Virtual Hardware

How do you test a device driver for hardware that
doesn't exist yet?  Scheme comes to the rescue, in this
heartwarming tale of everyday bit-twiddling folk.


Scheme UK is a UK based group of people interested in the
Scheme programming language in particular, and advanced
programming languages in general.  We are interested in
both practical and theoretic aspects.  We meet on the
first Wednesday of each month.  Newcomers are welcome.

For more details see:


Email: noelwelsh <at> yahoo <dot> com
AIM: noelhwelsh

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