[plt-scheme] Install Drscheme 300 on FreeBSD

From: Alexander Friedman (alex at inga.mit.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 31 11:32:06 EST 2005

On Dec 31, carlmax wrote:
> Hi,
> I used the binary file: plt-300-bin-i386-freebsd.sh to install on my
> FreeBSD 5.2.1, but it said that it could not find libm.so.3, when I
> made a symbol link to libm.so.2, it complained again that it could
> not manipulate png file. Finally I compiled it from the ports, It
> was ok to compile and install, but when I ran it, it complained the
> same problem as before. What shoul I do?

I'm not a FreeBSD or DrScheme expert, but the bsd release is built on
my box, which was, at the time of the 300 release, FreeBSD 5.4 stable.
So, DrScheme is expecting to dynamically link to libraries that happen
to exist on my box (png and friends). This is sub-optimal - we'll try
to fix this.

There are some thing you can do:

1) Upgrade to 5.4 - this is probably not the right (or easy) solution

2) Build drscheme from src (not ports). I think port tends to be
somewhat behind.

If the port *is* current, make sure that you are actually running the
correct (new) drscheme, not the one you installed before. Use 'which
drscheme' or 'which mzscheme' to see which executable you are actually



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