[plt-scheme] SchemeUnit 3.0 PRE-RELEASE

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Dec 29 06:15:16 EST 2005

Hi all,

A prerelease of SchemeUnit 3.0 is available at:


It is a Planet .plt.  Install it thus:

  planet -f schemeunit.plt schematics 2 0

SchemeUnit users: I would greatly appreciate feedback on
the new features, particularly the output from
test/text-ui, which has been rightly criticised in the
past.  See below for more.  Now is a great time to
contribute suggestions, or assertion libraries.

SchemeUnit hackers: this will go into CVS soon.  There are
some problems with things I don't understand (principally
macros).  See below.

Scheme 48/SISC/etc. hackers: see the code in /generic. 
This is a step towards a portable SchemeUnit.

Major New Features

test/text-ui output has been simplified.  Output can be
quiet, normal or verbose.

Names are shorter.  make-test-case is now test-case. 
make-test-suite is now test-suite

Shortcuts for common cases.  e.g.

  (test-equal? "Name" 1 1) 

is equivalent to

   (assert-equal? 1 1))

Test cases no longer have setup and teardown actions. 
Before, after, and around macros are provided instead. 
Test suites take before and after thunks using keywords.

Major Remaining Problems

No graphical UI.

No command line tool.

Broken stuff: compilation of tests, probably
require/expose, probably alpha-renaming in DrScheme


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