[plt-scheme] Mac frameworks

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 27 21:26:31 EST 2005

GREAT! -- Matthias

On Dec 26, 2005, at 8:19 AM, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> In SVN, I've changed the default Mac build configuration so that
> frameworks (i.e., shared libraries) go into the installation's "lib"
> directory instead of "~/Library/Frameworks". You can get the old
> arrangement by configuring with --enable-userfw.
> This is the first step in a series to adjust the way PLT Scheme
> installs and creates executables. In particular, we expect to change
> the Mac installer for the next release so that all installed files are
> kept together, instead of putting frameworks in "/Library/Frameworks".
> Installing DrScheme won't require administrator privileges, and the
> user will get to choose where to install.
> When you create a Mac "stand-alone" executable with the new
> arrangement, it refers to the MzScheme/MrEd frameworks through an
> absolute path. So, for now, Mac executables are less portable to other
> machines. (You can avoid the absolute path using "" as the
> 'framework-root auxiliary property when creating an executable, or you
> can use /usr/bin/install_name_tool to change it.)
> Soon, we'll provide "create stand-alone directory" and "create
> installer" tools, which will combine one or more executables with all
> the shared libraries needed to run on a different machine.
> Matthew
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