[plt-scheme] 300.2

From: Alexander Friedman (alex at inga.mit.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 25 10:28:33 EST 2005

On Dec 24, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> MzScheme and MrEd are now version 300.2 in the SVN repository trunk.
> The main change is an experiment in MzScheme's reporting of exceptions.
> Internally, MzScheme sets a continuation mark each time it calls a
> procedure. The default error display handler extracts a "stack trace"
> based on those marks:

Do you expect the compiler to respect these semantics?

If not, then no further questions.

If so, there are a few things to consider.

1) I have a strong suspicion that setting a continuation mark on every
procedure call will incur non-negligible overhead in compiled code,
especially in loops and such.

2) More importantly, compiler optimizations such as lambda lifting
will completly obliterate any resemblence the code had to it's source.



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