[plt-scheme] Problem require-ing SLIB 3a2 with DrScheme (299.400)

From: Chongkai Zhu (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Sat Dec 17 09:09:13 EST 2005

I think this is because of the incompatibility between PLT 20x and 300.

In PLT 20x, a path is just a string.

In PLT 300, path is a separate data type, as in your example: #<path:/opt/plt/collects/slib>.
And there are two types of string, byte-string and unidcode-string.

SLIB works under PLT 20x, but needs some modification to run under 300.

Chongkai Zhu

>DrScheme 299.400, Linux, built from source.
>I downloaded SLIB 3a2 from
>I unzipped the file, moved the resulting 'slib' directory into
>$PLTHOME/collects (same location as the 'mzlib' dir, as suggested by
>the DrScheme Help Desk). $PLTHOME is /opt/plt, if it matters.
>Now trying to run just:
>(require (lib "load.ss" "slibinit"))
>gives me this response:
>../../../plt/collects/slibinit/init.ss::9553: string=?: expects type
><string> as 2nd argument, given: #<path:/opt/plt/collects/slib>; other
>arguments were: ""
>Any ideas re: what's wrong?
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