[plt-scheme] I can't open a .scm file ? What happens? A bug ! Whatcan I do ?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Dec 12 15:06:06 EST 2005

On Dec 12, Andre Mayers wrote:
> Thank you very much Eli, you have fixed the file. 
> The two non-usual character that I use are the following
> (integer->char 709) ;; symbol "or" in logic 
> (integer->char 708) ;; symbol "and" in logic
>  but they are printable character. 
> Which are the characters that I should avoid in the future ?

None.  The 299.400 problem was not with a particular character, it
happened when the file was saved in binary format, which happens when
you insert images, comment boxes etc into the code.  We are going to
distribute v300 very soon, which should eliminate these problems.
(You can download a 299.408 build from pre.plt-scheme.org.)

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