[plt-scheme] Background image in a MrEd frame

From: David Belle-Isle (ml at imatrex.ca)
Date: Wed Dec 7 13:31:40 EST 2005

Hi there,

Thanks for the fast and accurate answer.

I still have some problems displaying my background though.

Here is the part of code I use to create the background region

(send table add-region (make-background-region 0
                                               (lambda(dc-object x y w h)
                                                 (send dc-object draw-bitmap
(make-object bitmap% "bg.bmp") x y 'solid))

But the image is still not displaying. I'm not really used to work with that
kind of thing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Anyone could please point me to something?

Thanks a lot again,



At Wed, 07 Dec 2005 02:19:23 -0500, David Belle-Isle wrote:
> Of what I've seen in cards.ss, the object "table" is created from a MrEd
> Frame. Unfortunately I've not figured out yet how to add a background to
> that kind of object.

MrEd has no concept of a background image for a frame.

But for a "cards.ss" table, use `make-background-region' to create a
region with a paint callback, and then add the region to the table. The
paint callback can use dc<%>'s `draw-bitmap' method to draw a bitmap,
or you can use any of the other dc<%> drawing methods.


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