[plt-scheme] 299.407

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Dec 4 14:34:34 EST 2005

On Dec  4, David T. Pierson wrote:
> I'm not sure if you want problems reported to the list, but since
> that is the most straightforward thing to do...

(Either one is fine -- the list may be better for things that you want
to discuss, but plain bugs are better reported as such.)

> I just downloaded plt-299.407-bin-ppc-osx-mac.dmg, mounted it, and
> then double-clicked the enclosed "PLT Scheme v299.407.mpkg"
> installer.  I think I clicked the usual buttons to install, though I
> did click customize to see if anything was customizable, then went
> back to "easy install".

(This is all OSX stuff, I don't think that it allows customizing
anything anyway, but they may have changed things.)

> When the "version-check" script ran (window which pops up saying
> "Checking version...") I get an alert box that says:
> ---------------------------------------------
> The version you are installing is outdated,
> PLT v100 is now available from plt-scheme.org
> (There is also an even newer alpha version)
> Are you sure you want to continue?
>                                    No   Yes
> ---------------------------------------------

OK, fixed.  (I forgot to remove a line that tests update checks by
faking a server reply.)

> I clicked "No" and then "Quit Installation" and then "Close", so I
> could try it again.  Interestingly, it appears to have installed
> anyway.

The problem is that the PLT installer aborts, but all files are
already there.  It would be nice if the OSX installer would roll-back
the installation in that case, but that will require dealing with the
Windows installer too (plus, third-party installers that do exist).  I
don't know how to deal with this in a better way -- any suggestions?

> After deleting the "PLT Scheme v299.407" directory, I again
> double-click "PLT Scheme v299.407.mpkg" to try reinstalling.  These
> are my specific steps:
> click Continue
> select "Macintosh HD"
> click Continue
> click Upgrade (I don't remember it saying "Upgrade" the first time
>     through)

(You did not remove the OSX receipt, so it considers this an upgrade.)

> [...]
> DrScheme (the newly installed one) seems to come up fine.  I haven't
> tested my apps yet but I do have a usability comment that I'll put
> in a different thread.

A new build is on its way, but the version you have installed is
perfectly fine now, so feel free to test more (and thanks for doing

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