[plt-scheme] starting DrScheme with no language level chosen

From: David T. Pierson (dtp at mindstory.com)
Date: Sun Dec 4 14:05:06 EST 2005

When I started my newly installed DrScheme (from PLT Scheme v299.407) it of course
shows  that I need to select a language.  Would it be better/possible to
not show the main window until after the language level has been chosen,
because after I select my language level (Pretty Big Scheme), the
DrScheme window still says

Welcome to DrScheme, version 299.407-svn4dec2005.
Language: No language chosen.
DrScheme cannot process programs until you choose a programming
language.  Either select the “Choose Language...” item in the
“Language” menu, or get guidance.

After entering an expression it does indicate the language has changed
so I should click "Run".  But if the main window wasn't shown until
after the language was selected, there wouldn't be this disconnect
that occurs with "No language chosen" still being shown after the
language has been chosen.  

I realize this is pretty minor but it I think it would improve people's
first impressions of DrScheme at least a little bit.


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