[plt-scheme] Error loading a file created by Dr. Scheme- is it possible to recover the program?

From: Joseph Williams (joseph.williams at utoronto.ca)
Date: Thu Dec 1 22:10:41 EST 2005


I had a question on whether I could recover my original program after
receiving this error, and would appreciate any help or suggestions.

I am a student using Dr. Scheme and I wrote one of my programs in it. The
program worked fine until I closed Dr. Scheme, so that I had to re-open the

Now it displays "insert-file in text%: error loading the file" when I try to
open the file using Dr. Scheme.

Although code in files which do open is displayed properly when viewed
with notepad, when I open this or any other problematic file (earlier saved
versions of the program) with notepad, the code of the program has symbols
mixed in between each character of code, like this:

(  begin     (  di  splay     "f  ,

also, at the start of the file, a mixture of words and symbols appear:

WXME0107 ## 
wxtext wxtab wxmedia wximage  "(lib "
syntax-browser.ss" "mrlib")  drscheme:number  $(lib "comment-snip.ss"

ZÁÿZÁÿÁÿ  ÁÿÁÿÁÿÁÿ

This message between Dave Tucker and Eli Barzilay was displayed previously
on the plt scheme mailing list, but I've checked and I'm using version

On Sep 17, Dave Tucker wrote:
>* Hi folks,
*>* A student in my class says he saved a DrScheme file last night, and
*>* today he gets an error when opening it.  I get the same error:
*>*   insert-file in text%: error loading the file
*>* Anything I can tell him?  Or does he have to start his assignment over
*>* from scratch?
*>* I can send the source file if that would help.  Thanks.
Did he use v299.200?  There was a Windows bug that was fixed in

None of the other students have had a problem using Dr. Scheme for this
program. I may have closed the program while an interactive prompt generated
by the scheme program was running- a little window popped up when I did
this- so I'm not sure if that could be a problem.

If you can help me in any way, or make any suggestions as to how I can have
my code corrected I would really appreciate it. I have had the file
time-stamped for submission, but it won't run for automarking.

Thank you very much.

Joseph Williams
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