[plt-scheme] Installing v209 after v299.X on OS X 10.4

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Aug 24 12:57:29 EDT 2005

On Jul 24, Matt Jadud wrote:
> I recently nuked my machine, and started installing things from
> scratch.  I installed the 299.100 binary package for OS X (in this
> case, patched to 10.4.2), and all went well.
> I then went to install 209; this did not work. I found I had to
> remove three files from /Library/Receipts---in particular, the
> receipts for the MzScheme and MrEd frameworks, as well as the
> receipt for DrScheme itself. My apologies for not having the exact
> names any more... as I deleted them.
> Once they were gone, OS X no longer knew that software had been
> installed, and happily allowed me to install an older version.
> Perhaps installing 209 first would have eliminated this problem.

Maybe, but I wouldn't rely on it...  The OSX installer has some very
severe limitations, and sorting them out is pretty difficult.  Right
now, it treats all major distributions as increasing versions of the
same product, which is why you had to do deal with receipts.

I think that they kept referring to future versions of the Installer
thing that will solve some problems, the feeling I had about it is
that tey weren't sure about the interface, so didn't want to commit on
any policy.

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