[plt-scheme] announcement

From: Ignatoff, Daniel (Daniel_Ignatoff at brown.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 22 15:26:20 EDT 2005

I'm delighted to announce the release of CdrSwift ("Commander Swift")
a version of Slideshow that has been integrated with FrTime (Swift =
Slideshow WIth FrTime).  CdrSwift lets you add functional
interactivity, including fluid animations, to your slides.  CdrSwift
uses the same image library (TexPict) as in ordinary Slideshow
presentations, but properties like size, shape, position, and color
can vary with time.  A convenient MAKE-REACTIVE macro binds signals
for things like mouse position and "time since this slide appeared".

To install CdrSwift, run the following in the module language level:

  (module i (planet "slideshow.ss" ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2)))

You can then learn more by searching for "cdrswift" in Help Desk.

Test CdrSwift by running the following program (be sure to do it in
the module language level!):

  (module cdrswift-test
	  (planet "slideshow.ss" ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2))
    (slide/title "Welcome to CdrSwift!")
    (slide (make-reactive
	    (disk (* (add1 (wave 2000)) 300)))))

To see the new features individually, run:

  (module demo
          (planet "slideshow.ss" ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2))
    (require (planet "fr-test0.ss" 
		     ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2)

To see the new features in a more complex, coordinated context, run:

  (module demo
          (planet "slideshow.ss" ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2))
    (require (planet "fr-test1.ss" 
                     ("dignatof" "cdrswift.plt" 1 2)

The source for these examples can be found in the "examples"
subdirectory of wherever PLaneT installed CdrSwift.

Thanks to Robby Findler and Matthew Flatt for TexPict and Slideshow.
This work was done under the supervision of Greg Cooper and Shriram

Please contact me with questions and comments.

Daniel Ignatoff
Computer Science Department
Brown University
dignatof at cs.brown.edu

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