[plt-scheme] XP Home Binary File Upload

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Aug 22 13:06:27 EDT 2005

On Aug 22, Andrey Skylar wrote:
> [...]
> One of our tests was to upload a file from Linux and then download
> it on XP Home.  If we downloaded the file and just clicked open
> (rather than save to disk) the file opened fine.  On the other hand,
> if we saved the file to disk and then tried to open it with Scheme,
> we got the errors above.
> [...]

This sounds strange.  These files do not depend on the OS, so there
shouldn't be a problem -- and if you have different behaviors between
XP Pro and Home, then something is probably wrong in the OS somewhere.
Can you send me a file in its damaged form and undamaged form so I can
look inside?  (Use some format that will not change bits again, like a
zip file.)

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