[plt-scheme] plai.plt and drscheme 299.200

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 15 12:27:06 EDT 2005

At Mon, 15 Aug 2005 11:26:27 -0500, Matthew Swank wrote:
> I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere, but is there a version 
> of plai.plt that works with 299.200.  The version at 
> http://www.cs.brown.edu/~sk/Publications/Books/ProgLangs/plai.plt fails 
> to install when it can't find collects/mzlib/private/class-sneaky.ss.  I 
> notice Matthew Flatt plans to use this combination in his Programming 
> Languages course.  Is it currently working?

Not yet, but I'm working on it. I should be done by Wednesday at the


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