[plt-scheme] Some more PLaneT questions

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Fri Aug 5 10:49:03 EDT 2005

I am ready to release Version 2.0 of the PLT Scheme Science Collection.  I
have versions for both V209 and V299 (299.100 anyway).  The only source code
differences are due to changes in contracts - specifically any? -> any/c and
natural? -> natural/c.


1) Should I release both versions to PLaneT as they are or should I attempt
to make the source the same for both?


2) The graphics functionality for the science collection requires a patch to
fix a bug in the plot collection (PLoT) for Version 299.100.  Should I
include the patched file from PLoT (plplot.ss)?  Is there a better way to
handle this?


I am also ready to release Version 0.9 of the PLT Scheme Simulation
Collection.  The simulation collection makes use of the science collection
internally.  During development, I have each of these collections in a local
collects directory and use (require (lib <file> "science")), for example,
when I need <file> from the science collection.  This means that when I'm
ready to release it, I have to change all of the require calls throughout
the collection to refer to PLaneT.


3) Is there a better process for developing collections that are going to be
released to PLaneT?  For example, can I put them in the local planet cache
(or at least I think of it as a cache) manually?  Will this interfere with
the normal workings of PLaneT?  Is that what I should have been doing all


Any other comments or suggestions for developing and releasing inter-related
collections would be welcome.


One last question.


4) Can I refer to sub-collections using PLaneT?  Generally, the entire
science collection isn't needed so it is divided into sub-collections.  For
example, (require (lib "beta.ss" "science" "random-distributions")) would
just require the beta.ss file instead of all of the random-distributions (or
all of the science collection).  Is there an equivalent syntax for PLaneT?




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