[plt-scheme] Scrolling in DrScheme

From: Eric Hanchrow (offby1 at blarg.net)
Date: Fri Aug 5 09:55:38 EDT 2005

>>>>> "nishad" == nishad  <nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu> writes:

    nishad> I often scroll several dozen lines up or down with the
    nishad> wheel, and then reach for the arrow keys to move around
    nishad> locally in the screenful I'm looking at.  Of course, when
    nishad> I do this, I'm transported back to wherever the cursor
    nishad> last was.  May I request that the cursor always move with
    nishad> scrolling text?  Or are there people who like it like
    nishad> this?

Me too -- I hate Hate HATE the behavior that you just described.  It's
as if the application is trying to deliberately annoy me.

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