[plt-scheme] WebIt! 2.0 Released + now available via PLaneT

From: Benderjg2 at aol.com (Benderjg2 at aol.com)
Date: Tue Apr 26 23:58:57 EDT 2005

WebIt! 2.0 is now available:

WebIt! is a framework for manipulating XML in Scheme. The main 
features of WebIt! are: an XML pattern matching system based on 
that of Scheme's syntax-rules and syntax-case macro systems, and 
a macro-style transformation system. An abstract data type
for manipulating the XML Infoset is also provided. (The concrete
representation of XML used by WebIt!, internally, is SXML.) Lastly, 
an embedding in Scheme of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) is provided.

The WebIt! documentation is available online:

WebIt! requires PLT Scheme v206p1 or later (including v299.xxx).

Changes in the WebIt! 2.0 release include:
- SXML is now used as the representation of XML used internally 
   within WebIt!. This is change is made primarily to enable
   "interoperability" between WebIt! and the various SXML-related
   libraries, e.g. SSAX, SXPath, HtmlPrag. This replaces the use 
   of structures   in earlier WebIt! releases.
- A new "by-example" style pattern matcher for XML, 'xml-match', 
   is introduced. This is a considerable improvement on the old
   'xml-rules/xml-case' pattern matcher.
- Added a new module for syntax-coloring of Scheme code in HTML

The changes compared to Release Candidate 2 are minor:
- simplification of the implementation of stylesheet
- nested xml-match/xml-match-let forms are now possible, due to 
    the fix of a bug in the handling of ellipses

WebIt! 2.0 is also available (for PLT v299.100) via PLaneT:
    (require (planet "xml.ss" ("jim" "webit.plt" 1 0)))

Jim Bender

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