[plt-scheme] New PLT Redex available in CVS

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 21 03:32:39 EDT 2005

By way of introduction:

  PLT Redex is a domain-specific language (embedded in DrScheme) for
  implementing and experimenting with Felleisen/Hieb-style reduction
  systems. It includes a facility for writing down the reduction
  systems in a notation similar to that used in papers and a tool that,
  given reduction system and an initial term, allows you to explore its
  (potentially infinite) reduction graph starting. For details, see

Recent changes:

  - 18x speedup (for the beginner language test suite benchmark)

  - improved the way in-hole pattern matching works. Got rid of the
    "multiple hole interference" error messages. The in-hole+,
    in-hole*, and in-named-hole+ patterns are gone and in-named-hole
    has one fewer argument. Also, `hole' is no longer implicitly bound.

  - More interesting uses of `in-hole' now work, eg:

      F = (hole v) | (E hole)
      E = F[E] | hole

    and other uses of context decomposition that aren't directly
    involved in reductions.

  - added `in-hole' to the term macro, meaning that you don't have
    unquote to put things back in to the hole on the rhs of a

  - replaced the `replace' function with `plug'. It does the same job,
    but only gets two arguments now.

The new version is available in CVS.


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