[plt-scheme] Experience Using Mz(Dr)Scheme for Numerical Work

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Apr 17 20:51:43 EDT 2005

On Apr 17, jekwtw wrote:
> Could you expend a few bits describing the cuspy features of
> PLTScheme modules that are not supported by Common Lisp packages (no
> Holy Wars here; I got burned on CL packages once and don't view the
> feature as the answer to all information-hiding and decomposition
> problems).

Information hiding is far from being a central concern.  One thing is
that CL doesn't have a module system -- packages are only a namespace
management device.  You don't get seperate compilation, you cannot
parameterize code, you cannot override things and have the module
system do the right thing.  One indication of this weaknesses is the
silly solution of making it an error to override builtin bindings.
And the most major pain is that macros are a huge mess.

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