[plt-scheme] Dynamic loading of multiple mzscheme modules on hpux built with SWIG

From: Tim Brown (tim.brown at cityc.co.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 14 06:43:21 EDT 2005


You asked to see a C call stack to see if that would help. I'm replying
to this message since it has all my configure options in it.

I stopped the install script when it was installing hierlist, and I'm
not sure where I've caught it (all I did was interrupt it, attach a
debugger and dumped the stack). Sometimes, when I interrupt it, it doesn't
have the stack like #10 - #77. But it's usually 300 odd deep.

I've just verified... at this point the process was ~90M [I'd left it
to cook a while]. If I leave the process until it is 250M, the call stack
is "similar" in that it is no deeper (in fact is is shallower). I have put
a mark in the trace where the two diverge. It's above frame #73.

Ring any bells?



Tim Brown wrote:
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>  http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> Matthew,
> A few points:
> 1. I am not HP's ambassador to PLT Scheme; I'm just trying to build
>    a working version. That's all :-) [and more about that later].
> 2. Bearing in mind that I have no authoritative position on this,
>    I suspect that HP/UX 9 is obsolete. It dates back to the early 1990's
>    (the latest disks I have are 1995) and in 1996 I was receiving
>    10.10 disks. [This based on an analysis of a dusty CD cabinet].
>    I cannot see that HP would have Y2K certified 9 (they didn't even
>    certify our HP720 workstation, in fact), and suspect that even if
>    folk hadn't upgraded to 10 when it was released they would have put
>    10 (or 11) on for 1/1/2000.
> 3. I don't know if 10 uses dlopen(), but there were many changes to
>    HP/UX to bring it into line with what most other UNIXes used (ah...
>    I remember, including ELF).
> I would say that you're safe enough conditioning this on the HPUX operating
> system, regardless of version.
> As I said before, I'm trying to get a working version of mzscheme (at
> least) running on HP/UX PARISC 2 *64 bit*.
> I am configuring it with a fairly simple config line:
> ./configure \
>   --prefix=/usr2/ccl/plt \
>   --disable-foreign \         FFI isn't implemented on HP
>   --enable-shared \           I need shared estensions
>   CC="cc +DD64" CXX="aCC +DD64" \  +DD64 builds 64 bit object filex
>   CFLAGS="-Ae" \                   Extends ANSI C(++) for long long
>   CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include" # where I have zlib.h
> I use the CC="cc +DD64" whenever I encounter a 'configure' script,
> it seems to set the tone nicely.
> This 'configure's and 'make's fine (i.e. without any errors);
> and 'make install' runs all the way to building the .zo's for
> hierlist. At which point mzscheme (the install script) spins
> without terminating. I can leave it for 20 minutes, and apart from
> consuming memory (600MB after that long), it can be breaked with
> a 'user break' and it has a reasonable stack (depth about 200 calls
> deep -- it's not recursing as from what I can tell from that).
> If I move hierlist out of the way (out of collects); the build continues
> and this condition occurs again at professorj's parser tools.
> Is this symptomatic of anything you recognise?
> Is there anything that hierlist and ProfJ's Parser tools have in common
> that the other modules don't?
> Is mzscheme proven to work on HP/UX or any other 64 architectures?
> Is the garbage collector?
> Should I be looking for anything in particular on the stack?
> Why is HP/UX always the pig to build on with otherwise perfectly
> serviceable software? (That one's rhetorical)
> Help would be most appreciated.
> Regards,
> Tim
> Matthew Flatt wrote:
>> At Wed, 30 Mar 2005 15:12:58 +0100, Tim Brown wrote:
>>> I cannot get hp's shl_load() mechanism to work in the desired way
>>> (it always results in the symbols being resolved as I describe below).
>>> By setting scheme to use dlopen() and family; I can build .so extensions
>>> which link as expected. Using the mzc linker:
>> Thanks - should I try to conditionalize this change on the OS version,
>> or do you imagine that essentially all HP/UX users have switched to a
>> recent enough version?
>> Thanks,
>> Matthew

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