[plt-scheme] getting webserver URL arguments

From: Stephen DeGabrielle (spdegabrielle at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 6 00:01:28 EDT 2005

Hi I added the line
> (require (lib "servlet.ss" "web-server"))
as suggested but I still get the errors: 
> Servlet exception: "reference to undefined identifier: extract-bindings"
(at the command line- I start the server from a script- not the command line)
In the browser I get;
> The servlet terminated abnormally.
> Please ask the author to fix the problem based on the details in the Web server's log file.
Looking in the log file the relevant line is 
> (from "" to "" for "/servlets/hello.scm?name=22" at "Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 1:08:38pm")

I call the servlet with http://localhost:81/servlets/hello.scm?name=22

I started the web server at port 81 using the standard configuration
that came with DrScheme.
(require (lib "web-server.ss" "web-server"))
(require (lib "configuration.ss" "web-server"))
(define webconfig (load-configuration "/Program
(define close-me (serve webconfig 81))
--end code--

I should note that I am using DrScheme v.209, where many on this list
seem to be using the v299 (development) version.
- I didn't think that would be a source of my problem - but I thought
it might be worth a mention.

Thanks for your kind help so far.

Stephen De Gabrielle

(require (lib "unitsig.ss")
        (lib "servlet-sig.ss" "web-server"))
(require (lib "servlet.ss" "web-server"))

(unit/sig () (import servlet^)

 (define the-text "Hello, Web!")

 `(html (head (title ,the-text))
        (body ([bgcolor "white"])
              (p ,the-text)
              (p ,(extract-bindings (request-bindings initial-request) 'name))
              (p ,the-text)
--end code--

On Apr 6, 2005 2:02 AM, Jacob Matthews <jacobm[ at ]cs.uchicago.edu> wrote:

> Ah -- you're not requiring the library that provides that procedure. If
> you add
> (require (lib "servlet.ss" "web-server"))
> somewhere in the module it will work.
> -jacob

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