[plt-scheme] print-graph

From: Magnus Jonsson (magnus at smartelectronix.com)
Date: Mon Apr 4 21:42:21 EDT 2005


Thanks for making PLT Scheme available! It's excellent. I'm however 
having a few slight nuissances when working with shared structures. I'm 
wondering if there's something I can do about them:

1) (print-graph #t) does not affect the way that the REPL reports results. 
I have to wrap every expression I type in with (print -expression-). In 
common lisp *print-circle* affects the repl's output.

2) Every time I press "Run", the previous value of print-graph is 
forgotten and I have to type (print-graph #t) again.

If you want to know where I'm coming from: I've up til now been using 
common lisp + slime + emacs. Before that I used scheme. What motivated me 
to come back to scheme is that my project is getting big enough that I 
need a proper module system, and the ones available for common lisp are 
just too complex for me. PLT scheme's module system fulfils all my wishes, 
and with swindle, I've got most of what I like from common lisp. The only 
thing I'm missing now is the interactivity and debuggability of my 
previous setup.

- Magnus Jonsson

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