[plt-scheme] Question about PLTDRCM

From: Richard C. Cobbe (cobbe at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 26 14:26:19 EDT 2004

Afternoon, all.

I'm testing a program that's spread over several modules, and I'm trying
to use cm.ss from MzLib to speed up the process.  At Robby's suggestion,
I set PLTDRCM=true before starting DrScheme.  I'm a little confused by
the behavior I'm seeing, and I'd like to verify that this is what is

Based on load speed, I'm pretty certain that DrScheme is loading the .zo
forms of the modules when appropriate, and if a particular .zo is out of
date, DrScheme correctly goes back to the .ss form.  This is all good,
especially since it means DrScheme isn't trying to run out-of-date

However, it looks as though DrScheme will *not* automatically recompile
the .zo when it's out of date, which is a bit surprising.  In fact, I
had to create the .zos in the first place by firing up MrEd and typing

    (require (lib "cm.ss"))


    (require "module-being-tested.ss")

Based on the documentation for cm.ss, I'd expected DrScheme to rebuild
the .zos as necessary.  Based on the documentation for PLTDRCM, it's not
at all clear whether DrScheme should even notice my .zos.  Is DrScheme
behaving as intended, or is this a bug?

(DrScheme 208.1-cvs5aug2004, Linux.)



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