[plt-scheme] Converting from DrScheme multimedia format to text

From: Jordan Johnson (jorjohns at cs.indiana.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 23 12:46:29 EDT 2004

On Thursday, September 23, 2004, at 08:18  AM, John Clements wrote:
> Invoke it like this:
> mred -fv save-as-text.ss <input-file> <output-file>

Wonderful!  This is something that I'd been meaning to ask about, but 
that was low enough on the priority list that I hadn't yet asked.

Problem, though:  On running it (under v208) with one of my files, I 
	Unknown snip class or version: "test-case-box%".
I assume this is because I've used a DrScheme test box in that file...? 
  If so, is there a workaround, or will I need to have students use 
textual test cases when we start Scheming?


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