[plt-scheme] getting Prog Lang : Application and Interpretation working under DrScheme

From: Chris Wright (wrightca at hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 08:22:17 EDT 2004


I'm wanting to work through PLAI, and I've loade the plai.plt and restarted 
drscheme, and chosen the beginner language... DrScheme 208p1

Should I be able to just type
(parse '3) and get
#(struct: num 3) back ?

(doesn't work... "reference to undefined identifier: parse"  ok : type in 
the definition of parse)


so I type the definition of parse (from  Section 1.3 - page 7) into the 
definitions (with trepidation, 'cos "num" isn't familiar!)
and it accepts the definition
and then
(parse (read))
-> reference to unidefined identifier: num


What do I need to do to get this to worK??


Chris Wright

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