[plt-scheme] Scheme Boston: talk by Mike Sperber this Wednesday

From: Win Treese (treese at acm.org)
Date: Tue Sep 14 14:09:47 EDT 2004

The next Scheme Boston meeting will be on Wednesday, 15 September 2004,
at 7:30pm in room Egan 366 at Northeastern University in Boston.

Mike Sperber of the University of Tuebingen in Germany will give talk on
exception systems:

Why (car '()) Is Not An Exception
or: This Exception System Is Not That Exception System

Exception systems are a recurring topic for debate in the Scheme
community.  Any system proposed invariably has its fans and its
opponents.  The reason for this is not fundamentally due to inferior
design, or the mythical balkanization of the Scheme culture---rather,
different people except an "exception system" to solve different types
of problems.  So far, none of the proposed systems solves all of them
satisfactorily, which suggests that, in fact, there should be
*several* exception systems for the different problem areas.  The talk
discusses gives an overview over these areas, and explains the
rationale for the the SRFI 34/35/36 exception system in that context.

Mike's home page is at http://www-pu.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/users/sperber/

Directions to Northeastern can be found on the Scheme Boston web site:

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