[plt-scheme] GUIBuilder HOWTO updated, and RSS feed now working

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 11 15:44:03 EDT 2004

I've updated the GUIBuilder HOWTO to version 0.8, and got the RSS feed working.

New Features (Changes since last version):

       * "Dialogs" are now working.  You do not have to understand
         continiuations now to use guibuilder.  This should make it
         much easier to get all the way to the end.
       * The component archetecture is now usable because of a bugfix in
         guibuilder by Mike Burns.  Thanks Mike.
       * Continuations section has been cleaned up a bit -- Still
needs more work
       * Most of the broken links should be fixed now.
       * RSS feed links fixed.  No wonder no one was using my rss feed.

Still has the these old features:
       * Focuses on getting frames working inside functions
       * Covers making your functions actually returning values
       * Includes my continuation trick for returning values
       * Covers the guibuilder component archetecture

Future work will hopefully include:
       * My continuation trick needs to be explained better
       * Flesh out component architecture more
       * Ephasize "style" in the eirlier sections, and how
         most frames should be non-deterministic functions
         (i.e. have no side effects).

Undesireable features:
       * Still done in composer instead of texmacs.  (incosistant
         layouts, and possibly more broken links)
       * Continuations section needs to be cleaned up more.

You can view it at http://students.depaul.edu/~csweeney/Guibuilder.Tutorial.html

With all these updates look for a new version of RSS Syndicator soon!

Check it out and feel free to message me, letting me know what you think.
My email address and IM address are on the web page.


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