[plt-scheme] Tamale: Multimedia engine based on PLT Scheme

From: Eric M. Kidd (Eric.M.Kidd at Dartmouth.EDU)
Date: Wed Sep 8 17:32:56 EDT 2004

We've been using PLT Scheme to build a multimedia engine called Tamale:


We hope to release Tamale as open source fairly soon--even though it's very
much a developer-only tool at this stage--but I thought I would pass word along
to the larger PLT community.

Tamale is based on PLT Scheme, wxWidgets, Quake 2, and a variety of other open
source technologies.  Right now, it's entirely script-based (although we'd love
to add a GUI someday).

PLT has been very reliable and very powerful.  We chose it because we needed a
HyperCard-like object model and a convenient syntax, and the quickest way to
get that was to use Scheme macros.

We built our own editor (based on Scintilla) because our in-house users balked
at using the DrScheme GUI, largely due to performance issues.

Our biggest wish is a PLT Scheme debugger--our users need excellent debugging
facilities, and we don't have much yet.  I hear there's something in PLT CVS,
and I'd be interested to hear more.

Tamale is an in-house tool.  We really work on immersive educational software
for first responders and medical professionals.  Thus, we see real value in
open sourcing it if other developers are interested; it's better to pool the
work on this kind of project.

And--if this isn't too off-topic--we are looking to hire a capable Scheme
hacker or two (we're 2 1/2 hours north of Boston).  C++, multimedia, and UI
design skills are all pluses; you can see the Tamale website or e-mail resumes
directly to me.

Many thanks to all the great PLT developers out there; PLT Scheme is truly


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