[plt-scheme] newby question re upgrading Dr Scheme

From: Tim Hanson (tbhanson at gmx.de)
Date: Sun Sep 5 12:56:37 EDT 2004

thanks again, Jens.

On Sunday, Sep 5, 2004, at 15:42 Europe/Berlin, Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:

> MzScheme and drscheme ought to be in the same directiory.

I don't find an MzScheme in the 205 (that works), the 208 (that 
doesn't, downloaded today), or the "205.5"(?) that I built last year. 
Maybe an optional thing? not supported on Mac OS X?

>>> There are two environment variables that need to be set,
>> thanks. i don't find either of these when I launch terminal and try
>>     set | grep PLT
>> in tcsh or bash. DrScheme seems to agree:
>> > (getenv "PLTCOLLECTS" )
>> #f
>> > (getenv "PLTHOME" )
>> #f
> Hm. Is there a .mzscheme or .drscheme in your home directory?

alas, neither.  i'll do a global search... the only thing close I find 
(in the stuff i built last year.)

>> does that mean I am getting some kind of default? is there some kind 
>> of  scheme.ini file or something I should set up?
>> or launch Scheme from the command line after first SETENVing ?
>> thanks again for your help!
> No problem.
> Feel free to send this response to the PLT mailing list - I forgot to 
> do it the first time around.

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