[plt-scheme] data persistence

From: Mike Burns (mike at mike-burns.com)
Date: Mon Nov 29 15:17:45 EST 2004

--- Doug Orleans mumbled on 2004-11-29 14.56.06 -0500 ---
> OK, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and run a real database
> server, because there are enough other things I want to do that would
> probably be easiest that way.  So, what are the relative advantages of
> MySQL, Postgres, etc?  I realize this is a generic database question,
> but since I'll mostly be interacting with it via Scheme I figured it'd
> be okay to ask here.

The PLT PostgreSQL bindings, spgsql, have been ported to 299, though I do 
not know when they will hit the Schematic's CVS.

I used PostgreSQL because, at the time, it was better than MySQL;
http://openacs.org/philosophy/why-not-mysql.html closely reflects what I 
discovered for myself back then.

(This is me attempting _not_ to start a DB flamefest.)

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