Fwd: Re: [plt-scheme] New language plugin: sPico

From: Toon Verwaest (camden at camden.be)
Date: Mon Nov 22 13:41:41 EST 2004

Oke, I've managed to get it working like this,
with the Visual Studio Express... Its pretty easy :)

But now I have strange side-effects...
If I do a while(true,5) in pico, it works, and I can
even switch windows and eval over there with alt+tab.
But when I move the mouse a tiny bit DrScheme just

Second thing I've noticed: while(true,display(5)) crashes

Is this a drscheme-in-win32-error, or what am I doing wrong? I just
use the scheme-check-threads to let scheme do what he wishes.
This all works fine in linux. Maybe the compiler is buggy?

Another strange thing: In linux, when I have a .ss and a .so
the .so is automatically chosen, instead of the .ss.
In windows on the other hand, if I use a .ss and .dll, he doesn't
use the .dll. When I specify .dll or .so (which even isn't a 
windows type) I get the .dll.

All strange stuff :) Is it me? Or windows? Or DrScheme?


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> At Sun, 21 Nov 2004 14:15:47 +0100, camden at camden.be wrote:
> > PS: I don't have a commercial compiler ofcourse, online the standard
> > gcc etc...
> I think you can now get "Visual Studio Express" free from Microsoft.
> I haven't trued it myself, but I bet that it would let you compile via
> mzc.
> Meanwhile, if there's a MinGW expert in the house, I welcome advice on
> making mzc work with it.
> Matthew

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