[plt-scheme] how to manually install drScheme - ms-windows

From: actuary77 at comcast.net (actuary77 at comcast.net)
Date: Sat Nov 20 21:19:59 EST 2004

I have installed Dr. Scheme on a windows 2000 computer.

I have installed 90% of my applications in a subdirectory called c:\bin....
PLT is installed in c:\bin\plt\
I have a  c:\home\.. subdirectory, a "docs" dir, etc. (mocked the linux tree as 
close as I could..)

I do not use the "Program Files" or "My Documents" for anything if I can help it.

Unfortunately, PLT has written files all over the place on my machine.

While the core appears to be installed in c:\bin\plt\.. , key files, including 
portions of the web server, srfi, etc. have been written to "c:\my 
documents\kochdavid\application date\plt\208........

The installed subdirectories include collects and items that appear to conflict 
and duplicate directories created in the normal installation tree (e.g. 

What adjustments to initialization files or the registry are required for me to 
move the files installed  "c:\my documents\kochdavid\application 
date\plt\208..... to the the installation at c:\bin\plt\...  ???


Is there a zipped distribution that would allow simply unzipping and copying to 
the installation point and a simple batch file that could be run to make 
registry entries or move files required by the system?  This would enable some 
control over the installation.

I have partially built the sources, would installing from built sources enable 
control of the installation?  Or are there references to the users subdir or 
directories riddled in the source or typical ".plt's" that would make it 
fruitless to try to control?

This is one of the reasons that I hate windows, is the presumptive privileges 
that software authors take with installing software and writing files anywhere 
or everywhere they can without consideration for the computer owner or the 
organization standards the user may have established.

Security and control of the installation of programs is a serious issue on 
windows machines.

It was very surprising the way that PLT installed considering the security 
minded background of development.  I would not expect the installation to take 
such privileges as granted by windows and install without control or guidance by 
the user.  More like shocked..

David Koch
actuary77 at comcast.net

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