[plt-scheme] macro keyword conflicting with other imports?

From: ian barland (penguin flight instructor) (ian at cs.rice.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 10 17:56:48 EST 2004

Matthew writes:
>>     (syntax-rules (fun)
>>       ...
> The `fun' literal above matches identifiers with the same binding for
> `fun' as the context of the literal.
Wow, this is a more refined sense of matching than
I ever suspected.  Neat!  (Um, I think.)
Now I understand why cond's `=>' only works when `=>' hasn't been rebound.

Matthias writes:
> Export fun as a keyword that blows up when used in an improper context. 
Not sure if this is what you meant, but:
I made `fun' a syntax-id-rules with no clauses, so it always blows up,
except when it occurs inside the intended macro which preemptively
transforms it away.
But this way I'm able to export `fun', so that other people trying to
multiply-import the keyword will get a plausible error message.
...Still, seems like an awfully odd contortion!

It's clear to me, I don't fully understand this Hygiene thing;
Am off to look up the Dybvig paper referenced in help-desk...

Thanks for the help,

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