[plt-scheme] just starting, comming from j2ee

From: Jaime Barciela (jbarciela at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 2 10:02:01 EST 2004

Hi Dominique, thanks for your answer

I found this page
(http://sisc.sourceforge.net/comparison.php) that
compares Kawa, JScheme, Bigloo and SISC, and I went to
their web sites to read, but I havent test myself
anything (I need to learn Scheme first, I guess :)

What I didn't like from Kawa is that you have to
compile and deploy your servlets like regular java
servlets, and you don't have a REPL so you loose some
of Scheme's good qualities. (Is that so in your
experience? )

There are also some restrictions about continuations,
tail recursion, etc but at this point I don't know it
those will matter at all for my project. 

Same for the slower JScheme and the faster Bigloo.

SISC is the more flexible but then, I don't know,
would it be possible to build a highly scalable site
on top of an interpreter made in java? 

I would really appreciate if you tell me a little
about your experience with Kawa.

I was wondering if it would be to much of an
"impedance gap" between the java libraries (say, jdbc,
jndi) and Scheme as a language. Can you really "think
in Scheme" having to use libraries that weren't
designed for that?


--- Dominique Boucher <dominique.boucher at nuecho.com>

> Hi Jaime,
> Have you considered using Kawa? It compiles to the
> JVM and has a nice
> interface to Java. It is possible 
> to deploy Web applications in J2EE environments
> (what I do for a living,
> actually).
> Dominique Boucher
> > I'm just starting with Lisp/Scheme. My day job is
> all about 
> > Java/J2EE (Servlets, EJB, ...) and I want to set
> up  
> > something equivalent to that only using
> Lisp/Scheme.
> > 
> > I have evaluated several implementation and so far
> my 
> > candidates are CLisp and PLT Scheme (I need to be
> able to 
> > deploy on Windows). They are close, but I like
> that PLT have 
> > support for threads and libraries for XML/HTML. 
> > 
> > With CLisp the solution would be to use Apache +
> mod_lisp or fastCGI.
> > 
> > My question is, how would the architecture be with
> PLT? 
> > Behind Apache with some equivalent to mod_lisp?
> > (I know PLT has its own web server but I
> understand is not 
> > too secure so far.)
> >  
> > Is it posible to build a *high performance*,
> *highly
> > scalable* web site (say, Amazon) using PLT? With 
> > continuations for linear flow control, or they
> will kill performance?
> > 
> > How the performance would compare with my
> reference:
> > J2EE? Say BEA Weblogic. 
> > 
> > I know the app will have to be drastically
> different (beyond 
> > syntax) but what I want is to get a sense of where
> are the 
> > limits and what is the applicability of PLT for
> production 
> > enterprise sotfware.
> > 

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