[plt-scheme] DrScheme memory usage

From: Øyvin Halfdan Thuv (oyvinht-scheme at orakel.ntnu.no)
Date: Thu May 27 04:53:23 EDT 2004

Jens Axel Søgaard, 
> > in> Why is 90M of ramunacceptable?
> >Because this is just for very small programs. What happens for complex 
> >programms ?
> Don't worry - it is DrScheme that uses most of the ram and not your program.
> When the program is finished one used the "Make launcher" to make
> a little script that starts the program without starting DrScheme, thus
> using much less memory.

Will a plt-scheme program generally use less memory than an equivalent lisp-
program (those .core files are laarge > 20 MB). Compared to C/C++ for instance?

> > in> And why is Outlook tryingto paint my text blue now?
> >
> >This, I don't now :)
> Both of you should consider changing the default settings in
> Outlook (Express?). Set the format to Text (not HTML) and things will
> work as expected.

Outlook and The Bat! I believe. Both should be able to use normal text, which 
would make my mutt happier as well :)


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