[plt-scheme] Syntax && SchemeQL

From: Toon Verwaest (camden at camden.be)
Date: Thu May 20 12:12:40 EDT 2004

I'm trying out the SchemeQL, but it still seems to have a few bugs...
One of the things I can't figure out how to fix it:

  (define-syntax (add-constraint-to-table! stx)
      (syntax-case stx ()
            [(_ table . cons)]
	    	(let  ((tab (quasiquote table))
		       (con (quasiquote cons)))
	  (if (table-definition? tab)
	      (begin (set-table-definition-constraint!
		      (map format-table-named-constraint con))
	      (raise-type-error 'add-check-to-table "table-definition structure" tab))))]))

When I call this, I can send stuff to the . cons part, with unquote,
but the table I can't unquote.

I don't really know how the syntax-stuff works, but I would think from the (quasiquote table),
that table should be able to have an unquote also..

When I run it with unquote, it just says: not in quasiquote.


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