[plt-scheme] Bitmap Probleme

From: sly (sly at southeastern.zz.vg)
Date: Thu May 20 10:50:01 EDT 2004

> At Thu, 20 May 2004 12:45:30 +0200, "sly" wrote:
> > I need to create in a frame buttons with pict as bitmap label. I use Plt
> > Drscheme 206.
> > I tested 3 solutions, they work all under Windows but none goes under
> > nor linux.
> They all look ok to me.
> It's possible that MrEd's BMP parser under Unix and Mac has a bug that
> prevents it from reading the file. Would it be possible for you to send
> me the BMP file?
> (Another thing that sometimes goes wrong is that a BMP file gets
> transferred in text mode. But that problem was more common in the
> pre-web days of plain FTP clients, and mostly happens now only when
> people incorrectly commit in CVS. Probably you've been able to open
> your BMP file using some other program under Linux and Mac, which would
> rule out a transfer problem.)
> Matthew


I have transferred files in binary mode, i can open these files with gimp.
But, when  i run my drscheme program i notice
wxImage: /xxx/xxx/xxx/img/reload.bmp: Bogus BMP File!  (bitCount=32,
Planes=1, Compression=0)
in the shell.
I understand nothing.....

thanks a lot


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