[plt-scheme] Re: FrTime niggle

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Date: Wed May 19 05:44:53 EDT 2004

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> > I suspect, though cannot confirm, that FrTime defines
> > a different execution semantics to normal Scheme.
> It would rather have to, surely? ;-)
> Looking at the code and noting that iota is defined using opt-lambda,
> I'd guess that FrTime modifies lambda but not opt-lambda...
> John

The srfi is a module that uses the language mzscheme. And it requires (lib
"etc.ss" "mzlib"), so it has opt-lambda defined.

The beautiful thing about modules is that each module can have a different
language, whichever one you want :)

The problem, of course, arises when a procedure wants something defined in
one module (an integer) and gets something that looks similar but is defined
in another module (a signal).


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