[plt-scheme] DrScheme on a Unix server

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Mon May 17 11:23:45 EDT 2004

If this isn't the right place to ask these questions, please accept my
apologies and kindly redirect me.

We have a large heterogeneous undergraduate computing environment
consisting of a bunch of Unix boxes (mostly Suns running Solaris) that
is managed by our IT people. I requested that they install DrScheme,
but I have no control over it the way I do on my personal OS X and
Windows machines. 

After they had installed it, I tried it out (via Apple's X11 running
on my desktop) and found it quite slow to load. I thought it might
be due to the end-of-term student crunch, so I waited and tried it
again just now. It gets partway through the load splash screen and
seg-faults after displaying the HtDP icon and hanging there for a
while. Once, I got a message about ProfessorJ needing to be able to
change some files, but I have not been able to reproduce this. I
have put in a bug report to our IT people, but I wondered if anyone
had seen this behaviour before.

Are there any gotchas I should be aware of in using DrScheme in an
environment where I do not have administrator privileges? 

Many thanks. --PR

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