[plt-scheme] 299.7

From: Alex Ott (ott at jet.msk.su)
Date: Thu May 13 09:26:48 EDT 2004

>>>>> "MF" == Matthew Flatt writes:
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 MF> At Wed, 12 May 2004 17:06:58 +0400, Alex Ott wrote:
 >> What do you think about C++ aproach to encoding and locale conversion for
 >> ports and strings?

 MF> If I understand C++'s approach to ports/streams correctly, the encoding
 MF> between strings and bytes is a (mutable) property of the stream object.

 MF> In MzScheme 299, functions like `read-char' and `write-char' assume a
 MF> UTF-8 decoding of the stream. To get a different kind of decoding, you
 MF> wrap the port to convert between UTF-8 and the other encoding. (In the
 MF> near future, `(lib "port.ss")' will provide a port->port wrapper.)


 MF> For obvious reasons, I would be opposed to a mutable property on ports
 MF> to specify the encoding. I did consider making a port's encoding a
 MF> property that is specified when the port is created, but that's too
 MF> early in many cases --- exactly the mess of having distinguish text and
 MF> binary streams.

but i speak about not only encoding, but also about locale - for example, i
could need to read numbers in russian locale, without setting it program wide

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