[plt-scheme] Calling a browser in PLT Scheme

From: Jean-Pierre Lozi (jean-pierre at lozi.org)
Date: Sun May 9 11:05:26 EDT 2004

Is there a clean and easy way to launch a default browser in a PLT 
Scheme application? I mean, something like the "Help->Related Websites" 
in the DrScheme's help menu. I know i could use different ways depending 
on the operating system, e.g. for windows :

(shell-execute #f "http://www.my-website.com" "" (current-directory) 

Under Unix/OS X systems, i might use the process.ss library and directly 
call a browser.

The matter is, that under unix systems I have to know the browser name 
installed on the machine. And anyway i believe (hope?) there is a better 
way to do this. Isn't there a simple multi-platform compliant function 
allowing me to to quickly launch a link in the default browser?

Any ideas, suggestions are welcome.

Jean-Pierre Lozi
mailto:jean-pierre at lozi.org

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