[plt-scheme] suggestions and commendations for exercise 2.21

From: Terrence Brannon (metaperl at urth.org)
Date: Wed Mar 31 17:06:55 EST 2004

Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> I have modified convert-file so that it specifies where the file is 
> expected:
>> Welcome to DrScheme, version 206.1-cvs15mar2004.
>> Language: Beginning Student.
>> Teachpack: /Users/matthias/plt/teachpack/htdp/convert.ss.
>> > (convert-file "in.dat" f "out.dat")
>> convert-file: expected <name of existing file in 
>> /Users/matthias/plt/collects/htdp/Test/> as first argument, given: 
>> "in.dat"
>> > (convert-file "convert-in.dat" f "out.dat")
> ...
> Is this sufficiently helpful? -- Matthias
Yes, that would've helped me out quite a bit.

Most helpful would be the availibility of something like ifconfig mentioned


But I think the diagnostic error message is a very useful step in the 
right direction.

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