[plt-scheme] Are continuations discussed in HtDP?

From: Jerzy Karczmarczuk (karczma at info.unicaen.fr)
Date: Mon Mar 29 03:33:04 EST 2004

Shriram Krishnamurthi answers to:
>>Is the topic of continuations skipped in htdp? If so, why?
> HtDP doesn't discuss continuations.  It's difficult to answer the
> "why" question precisely (it doesn't cover the hatching of sea
> turtles, either) ...
and proposes the Dorai Sitaram text, and his own:

>   http://www.cs.brown.edu/~sk/Publications/Books/ProgLangs/
>   Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation


1. Could you say what is your pedagogic philosophy behind this text. I know
    it and I appreciate it. For whom has it been written?

2. A general question for ALL of you. This year I have been  finally forced not
    just to teach what I liked, just *using* Scheme, but to teach Scheme...

    Do you think that for CompSci freshmen - the continuations are to be taught,
    or it turned out *practically* that this is an overkill? (If you have *any
    experimental* doubts, I know what to do, since for serious reasons I must be
    minimalist, first-year students in France are very fragile and randomly-
    oriented, since they had never any admittance exam to pass)

The problem is that I adore continuations!!

Perhaps speak a little bit about CPS, but skip the 1st class continuations

May call/cc be with you.

Jerzy Karczmarczuk

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