[plt-scheme] efficient string operations yielding immutable strings

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Mar 26 12:35:22 EST 2004

Paul Schlie <schlie at comcast.net> writes at 12:20 26-Mar-2004 -0500:
> Out of curiosity, what's your motivation in desiring to specifically
> identify objects which are mutable vs. not?
> - desire for run-time error/violation detection?

Yes, that.

I'm rewriting one of my libraries to use pure-functional objects, since
accidental mutation (and burdening the library user with having to
decide when to copy vs. mutate) made the old library hard to use safely
in nontrivial programs.

Using immutable strings in the implementation is helping to make an
efficient implementation that enforces immutability of the objects.


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