[plt-scheme] Sanitizing DrScheme .scm files with XML boxes for MzScheme?

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 25 19:05:22 EST 2004

One thing you can try for now is to compile the file to a .zo file. It
should be readable by mzscheme.


At Thu, 25 Mar 2004 17:24:16 -0500, Roderick McGuire wrote:
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> Is there someway to sanitize a .scm file written in DrScheme that 
> contains XML boxes so that MzScheme can load it?
> I just spent the last 4 days writing a program that writes XML for 
> spreadsheets with a particular type of complicated formatting. I am 
> ready to fire up MzCom and write an Excel macro that would ship a spec 
> to my program in MzCom and ship the results back to Excel.
> I thought the File/Save Other/Save Definitions as Text.../ menu item in 
> DrScheme was supposed to generate a sanitary version. However I now 
> discover that that output is only approximate and is not runable.
> Of course, I could convert "foo.scm" to the 'textual definitions' 
> "foo.ss", and then use an editor to put in lots of 'define's, 'list's, 
> and '"'s so that "foo.ss" is runable, But that means there will be 
> little reason ever to go back to "foo.scm" with its nice XML boxes.
> (I think having DrScheme produce sanitized versions is better than 
> putting MzCom’s wrapper around DrScheme. People will be able to compile 
> sanitized boxes.)

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