[plt-scheme] Sanitizing DrScheme .scm files with XML boxes for MzScheme?

From: Roderick McGuire (mcguire at telerama.com)
Date: Thu Mar 25 17:24:16 EST 2004

Is there someway to sanitize a .scm file written in DrScheme that 
contains XML boxes so that MzScheme can load it?

I just spent the last 4 days writing a program that writes XML for 
spreadsheets with a particular type of complicated formatting. I am 
ready to fire up MzCom and write an Excel macro that would ship a spec 
to my program in MzCom and ship the results back to Excel.

I thought the File/Save Other/Save Definitions as Text.../ menu item in 
DrScheme was supposed to generate a sanitary version. However I now 
discover that that output is only approximate and is not runable.

Of course, I could convert "foo.scm" to the 'textual definitions' 
"foo.ss", and then use an editor to put in lots of 'define's, 'list's, 
and '"'s so that "foo.ss" is runable, But that means there will be 
little reason ever to go back to "foo.scm" with its nice XML boxes.

(I think having DrScheme produce sanitized versions is better than 
putting MzCom’s wrapper around DrScheme. People will be able to compile 
sanitized boxes.)

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