[plt-scheme] gdb wrapper and typing

From: Thaddeus L. Olczyk (olczyk at interaccess.com)
Date: Wed Mar 24 01:02:58 EST 2004

I recently listened to the Swine before Perl talk, and have a couple
of questions about it.

1) He mentioned a Web server wrapper for gdb. Where can I get
    the source?
2) One of the few things that keep me from using a Scheme has
    been typing. I really like the OCaml language, especially the
    way typing is handled ( shows type on evaluation, won't compile
    untill typing is correct ). The thing is that the language is fun 
    to use, but when it comes to using the envioronment, it is very 
    clunky. I code very fast but then get bogged in details like
    linking in a dll. So I kinda would like to try something else.
    Does the typing in PLT come close to this?

   Another thing, it seemed to me that to take advantage of the 
   typing, you had to use something called MrSpidey. I really
   really like using Emacs with an interpreter runnaing as an
   inferior process. Can I still get at type info this way?
Thaddeus L. Olczyk
Think twice, code once.

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