[plt-scheme] two unrelated questions

From: Gordon Weakliem (gweakliem at oddpost.com)
Date: Tue Mar 23 16:45:27 EST 2004

Thanks for the plug, Noel ;-).  The package Noel refers to is called Wordup!, specifically, it's in the src/apps/wordup directory in Schematics' CVS.  The primary problem with Wordup! is that it's sort of hardcoded to my personal layout right now, though recent changes have made that better.  Actually, the primary problem with Wordup! is that I've used it as a vehicle to learn Scheme, which means it suffers from being coded by an amateur.  So consider this a formal invitation to collaborate on something!  There are a number of "interesting" items on the list, my personal Everest is understanding call/cc well enough to implement comment preview, it seems like a great application for call/cc.  My current todo list is here: 
Having said that, mzScheme is performing very well in this capacity for me, and it would be great if we started seeing more "Powered by mzScheme" weblogs out there.  
BTW, for you instructors out there looking for a class project, building a simple CMS has proven to be a really good experience, it's a very simple problem conceptually but has provided me with more than enough challenges. 
Gordon Weakliem 
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--- Prabhakar Ragde <plragde at uwaterloo.ca> wrote: 
> 2) Does anyone know of any blogging software written 
> in Scheme? 

Gordon Weakliem has written a blogging package.  The 
code is in the Schematics CVS but hasn't been released 
yet.  Also see his blog: 


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