[plt-scheme] standalone apps

From: Joshua Zucker (Joshua_Zucker at castilleja.org)
Date: Thu Mar 18 15:57:52 EST 2004

Thanks everyone (particularly Matthias) for the help making a standalone

I have one now, and it works ... on some machines.

Is there some part of the PLT scheme / mzc / mzscheme installation that
needs to be around for my application to work?  It seems to run only on
machines where PLTscheme has been installed, even though I chose
"standalone" when I did the "make executable from module" trick.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

I'm running on mac OSX if that matters ... and I can post the app I
created on a web page if anyone wants to try it out!  It plays a
not-too-strategically-awful version of connect four, using the draw
teachpack for a user interface.

--Joshua Zucker

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